Notice of new dinosaurian reptiles from the Jurassic formation

  title={Notice of new dinosaurian reptiles from the Jurassic formation},
  author={Othniel Charles Marsh},
  journal={American Journal of Science},
  pages={514 - 516}
  • O. C. Marsh
  • Published 1 December 1877
  • Biology
  • American Journal of Science
'1'HE gigantic Di nosaul', A tlantosuUr'llS montanus, described by the writeI' in the July num her of tbis JOl1rnal,* proves to belong to a lower horizon than at first supposed, and is really from the upper Jut'assic. Additional l'ell1ains of the type specimen, moreover, throw considerable light on the structure of this largest of land animals, and indicate that it is the representative of a distinct family, which may be called Atlantosau1'idce. In the type genus, Atlantosaur'us, one of the… 

Notes on the cheek region of the Late Jurassic theropod dinosaur Allosaurus

This region of the skull is of importance for Allosaurus taxonomy and phylogeny, particularly because Allosaurus has traditionally been reconstructed with an unusual cheek configuration, and because the European species Allosaurus europaeus has been said to be different from North American material in the configuration of these bones.

Sauropod dinosaur research: a historical review

Abstract In the 169 years since Owen named a tooth as Cardiodon, the study of sauropod dinosaurs has gone through several distinct periods. In the early years, a sequence of descriptions of isolated


Abstract The systematics and taxonomy of the large allosauroid Carcharodontosaurus are reviewed and a new species of this theropod is described from the Late Cretaceous (Cenomanian) Echkar Formation

Comments on “Ornithocheirus hilsensis” Koken, 1883 – One of the earliest dinosaur discoveries in Germany

Based on a detailed morphological comparison of the original figures, the lost holotype of “Ornithocheirus hilsensis” is identified as the distal part of the proximal pedal phalanx from digit I of a

A revision of the sauropod dinosaur genus ‘Bothriospondylus’ with a redescription of the type material of the Middle Jurassic form ‘B. madagascariensis’

Abstract:  The sauropod dinosaur ‘Bothriospondylus’, originally named on the basis of Late Jurassic remains from England, is demonstrated to be invalid, and the characters used to diagnose it are

Osteology of Galeamopus pabsti sp. nov. (Sauropoda: Diplodocidae), with implications for neurocentral closure timing, and the cervico-dorsal transition in diplodocids

The association of ribs with their respective vertebraes shows that the transition between cervical and dorsal vertebrae is significantly different in Galeamopus pabsti than in Diplodocus carnegii or Apatosaurus louisae, and diplodocids show a surprisingly high diversity in the Morrison Formation.

The Late Jurassic Sauropod Dinosaur ‘Morosaurus’ Agilis Marsh, 1889 Reexamined and Reinterpreted as a Dicraeosaurid

New data are presented following additional preparation and study that suggest ‘M.