Notice of Retraction<BR>The application of non-linear editing in the TV programs designing


Non-linear editing is a revolutionary leap on the techniques of TV programs designing, fully demonstrated the industry including the latest digital technology, computer technology, but it is also a new technology of constantly developing and upgrading and have strong vitality, on the television program designing , it will fully demonstrate the superiority. Through studying the use of the Nonlinear Editing Systems in the Social phenomena, Handan television program, in comparison with the CCTV or the province station' television program, find out the disparity of the Social phenomena and other related television programs. With the hardware device and the technical factors of the editor to analyses its reason of the gap, and to put forward some feasible proposals and opinions.

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The application of non-linear editing in the TV programs designing}, author={Tun Dong and Yanjun Qu and Bo Liang and Wei - Xin Shi}, journal={2011 International Conference on Electric Information and Control Engineering}, year={2011}, pages={6227-6230} }