Notice of Retraction<BR>Performance Analysis of Multi-Service System in Loop LAN Paper


In this paper, a new queuing model G (General arriving) /G (General Service) /1 (One Server)/ S (Number of limited buffers ) / FCFS (First Come, First Served) is proposed for integrated service with limited buffers in loop LAN. The model is built through reconstructed probability space in discrete time. According to the imbedded Markov chain theory and the generating function, a mathematical analysis and computer simulation have been developed in this paper. The mean queue length the delay time of packets of the system and the probability of packet loss are explicitly obtained. The results of computer simulation show their concordance with the theoretical analysis.

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Performance Analysis of Multi-Service System in Loop LAN Paper}, author={Qun Cai and Jianhong Sun and Shanwu Gao and Yapeng Hu and Junsheng Li}, journal={2010 Second International Workshop on Education Technology and Computer Science}, year={2010}, volume={1}, pages={378-381} }