Notice of Retraction<BR>Design &amp; implementation of Devanning/Container Loading Management System based on lightweight framework


It is necessary, for a modern enterprise, to solve the urgent problem that how to effectively integrate enterprise existing resources and increase overall operational efficiency. In this paper, a tally Devanning/Container Loading business system based on the lightweight framework of J2EE(Spring + Hibernate + Struts) was implemented, according to the detailed analysis of business requirements and goals achievement. Firstly, this paper constructed framework for Devanning/Container Loading Management System. Secondly, it achieved the following aims, such as the acceptance and distribution of plan for devanning and dontainer loading, write-offs, a license management, statistics management and rights management. Thirdly, it established a customer-oriented data interface and a variety of security policies. Finally, the Devanning/Container Loading management system has been integrated into the entire enterprise management information system. The system effectively integrated the existing application resources of enterprise and reduced the degree of coupling between system modules. It achieved the aim that optimization approach can be used to deal with the complex Devanning/Container Loading business and the operation efficiency of enterprise was vastly improved.

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Design & implementation of Devanning/Container Loading Management System based on lightweight framework}, author={Wu Di and Dong Xin and Huang Penghe and Bai Yan and Li Yanhui}, journal={2010 3rd International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology}, year={2010}, volume={5}, pages={446-449} }