Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

  title={Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself},
  author={Meda Chesney‐Lind and Esther I. Madriz},

The impact of uncertainty shocks in Spain: SVAR approach with sign restrictions

The purpose of this research is to quantify the impact of economic uncertainty shocks in Spain by using an SVAR approach with sign restrictions with data from January 2001 to June 2018. Specifically,

Looking for ‘Voice’ in Business and Citizen Groups: Who’s Being Heard?

Why do some associations provide members with an effective voice whereas others appear to have internal democracy in name only? We theoretically combine population ecology with Hirschman’s strategic

Valuing volunteers: better understanding the primary motives for volunteering in Australian emergency services

University of Wollongong Copyright Warning You may print or download ONE copy of this document for the purpose of your own research or study. The University does not authorise you to copy,

New Realignment of Fears in France and Europe

It is suggested that Europe is not only witnessing a rise of fearful attitudes about terrorism or uncertainty, but also the rise of a society that shows signs of exhaustion regarding the values that used to be the bed stone of European openness.

Trade, the Precautionary Principle, and Post-Modern Regulatory Process

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (“TTIP”) has been hailed as an opportunity for the world's two largest consumer markets to expand inter- regional trade, investment and jobs, and to

"So What are "We" Working On?" Pronouns as a Way of Re-Examining Composing

The encounters of writing center tutors and clients, this essay argues, are tensional, asymmetrical, and productive negotiations of a coauthored we. As authorship and authorization are discursive

Evidence summary: does dentists' fear have an adverse effect on clinical decision-making?

The critical appraisal found no studies that identified the nature and extent of dentists' fears nor did the appraisal find any studies that assessed how dentist's own fears impact upon clinical decision-making.