Nothing less than perfect: female celebrity, ageing and hyper-scrutiny in the gossip industry

  title={Nothing less than perfect: female celebrity, ageing and hyper-scrutiny in the gossip industry},
  author={Kirsty Fairclough},
  journal={Celebrity Studies},
  pages={103 - 90}
From Perez Hilton to Lainey Lui, the figure of the gossip blogger no longer exists solely on the periphery of celebrity culture. The ‘bitchy’ personas that celebrity gossip bloggers espouse are now firmly embedded within mainstream media. Gossip blogs regularly feature posts that scrutinise female celebrities in terms of how well, or not, they age. Much of this scrutiny is centred on narratives of cosmetic surgery. This article will examine such narratives and discuss the ways in which the… 

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Theorizing celebrity cultures: thickenings of celebrity cultures and the role of cultural (working) memory

The concept of celebrity culture remains remarkably undertheorized in the literature, and it is precisely this gap that this article aims to begin filling in. Starting with media culture definitions,

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