Notes to the Origin of the Expression: ≪ Atra Mors ≫

  title={Notes to the Origin of the Expression: ≪ Atra Mors ≫},
  author={Stephen D'irsay},
  pages={328 - 332}
The origin of the designation atra mors which has been given to plague in general and to the epidemic of 1348-1349 in particular, is by no means certainly known. The prevailing opinion is voiced by Cardinal GASQUET (1) according to whom the expression occurs for the first time in the Rerum Danicarum Historia of PONTANUS published in 1631 (2). After this time, the phrases den sorte Dod, the Icelandic Svatur Daudi (3), der schwarze Tod and the Black Death multiply rapidly, designating epidemics… 
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Methods for calculating credible intervals for ratios of beta distributions with application to relative risks of death during the second plague pandemic

A novel method of calculating Bayesian credible intervals for a ratio of beta distributed random variables is shown to quantify uncertainty of relative risk estimates for these two epidemics which are considered in a 2 × 2 contingency table framework.