Notes on the types of Polyporus in Persooon’s Herbarium

  title={Notes on the types of Polyporus in Persooon’s Herbarium},
  author={H. van der Lek}
2. Sistotrema violaceum, in cover sub N°. 91 Ü , 270—433 and N°. 910, 270—423, both of MOUGEOT. TO the latter 1'ERSOON noted: „Sistotrema violaceum.” In his Synopsis (p. 552) PERSOON says: „Boleto Polystictus Polyporus, and Fomes. In many cases I added further notes of my own, which I made during the last two years. Many of these notes are based on correspondence I have had with M. BRESADOLA, to whom I sent a great many specimens for comparison. For this and for many other kindnesses, I am glad… CONTINUE READING

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