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Notes on the synthesis of form harvard university press

  title={Notes on the synthesis of form harvard university press},
  author={Christopher Alexander},
House of Project Complexity - Understanding Complexity in Large Infrastructure Projects
A combined structural and process-based theoretical framework for understanding contributors to complexity—the ‘House of Project Complexity’ (HoPC), developed iteratively by first applying it to two trial samples and then to the main data set of 20 detailed case studies of infrastructure projects prepared for the IMEC study.
Modeling Supply-Side Dynamics of IT Components, Products, and Infrastructure: An Empirical Analysis Using Vector Autoregression
This paper empirically validate the existence of several patterns of supply-side technology relationships in the context of wireless networking and uses vector autoregression (VAR) to model the comovements of new component, product, and infrastructure introductions and provides evidence of strong Granger-causal interdependencies.
On Ho's Methodological Approach to Design and Planning
The work of Y-S Ho is placed in the context of design and planning theory. The significance of the Galois lattice methodology is stressed.
A Theory of Markovian Design Machines
A theory of the design process, based on an analogy with the well-known Markov process in probability theory, is developed and applied to the classic highway location problem first discussed by Alexander and Manheim (1962).
Portugal’s Rising Research in Architecture and Urbanism: The Influence of International Research Centers and Authors
In the early 1960s, Portugal saw a rise in scientific research on architecture and urbanism at the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil; LNEC),
Objects for Peaceful Disordering: Indigenous Designs and Practices of Protest
Abstract This paper identifies a number of theoretical approaches to devices known as 'lockons': sundry objects found in builders' merchants, and some people's bodies—ie peace activists pursuing
Toward a Systematic Framework for Research on Dominant Designs, Technological Innovations, and Industrial Change
The concept of a dominant design has taken on a quasi-paradigmatic status in analyses of the link between technological and industrial dynamics. A review of the empirical literature reveals a variety
Memory, Design, and the Role of Computers
The author presents some major implications of Rosenfield's view that memory is best understood as a process of perceiving and behaving on the development of computer tools for designers.
Graphic Intelligence: Drawing and Cognition
  • E. Cicalò
  • Art
    SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology
  • 2020


When democracy builds
On the Decomposition of Networks in Minimally Interconnected Subnetworks
The problem of decomposing a network into different groups of electrical components, which are interconnected by the minimum number of leads, is discussed. For this purpose, minimal groups of
The city of to-morrow and its planning
This is a translation of the eighth edition of "Urbanisme, " a landmark work in the development of modern city planning. It was so recognized when it first appeared in English in 1929. A review in
forthcoming), 'Graph cellular automata: a generalised urban and regional model
  • Environment and Planning B: Planning & Design. Bibliography
The Image of the City
  • The Image of the City
  • 1960