Notes on the old Persian signs

  title={Notes on the old Persian signs},
  author={Gernot L. Windfuhr},
  journal={Indo-Iranian Journal},
Intelligent Recognition of Ancient Persian Cuneiform Characters
Experimental results indicate that the proposed method can be further applied successfully to other ancient languages and may be utilised in museums and similar environments. Expand
Extracting old persian cuneiform font out of noisy images (handwritten or inscription)
Results are promising that they are able to make and improve NLP in this area and indicates that this system has been able to properly cope with the recognition of cuneiform characters and has classified all characters of test data properly with about 92% accuracy. Expand
Religion and The State
Babylonia from Cyrus to Xerxes
This chapter presents an outline of the history of Babylonia from Cyrus II to Xerxes. The historiographic texts from Babylonia providing an outline of the main political events are very sparse, theExpand
Central Asia and Eastern Iran
Achaemenid culture in Central Asia is rooted in a distinctive local tradition and differs markedly from what one finds in Persia. The sequence of Achaemenid conquests include: Babylon (539), Bactria,Expand
Egypt 525–404 B.C.
Egypt may have recognized Darius from 522 onwards. A greater memorial to Darius is his codification of the laws of the Persian Empire, when the satrap was instructed to assemble 'the wise men amongExpand
Greece before the Persian invasion
This chapter concerns the general situation in Greece during the last quarter of the sixth century and the start of the fifth: the years when Persia's defeat and annexation of the non-Greek kingdomsExpand