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Notes on the nomenclature of the endemic Hawaiian Drosophilidae

  title={Notes on the nomenclature of the endemic Hawaiian Drosophilidae},
  author={Patrick Michael O'Grady},
Hardy’s revision of the Hawaiian Drosophilidae included 9 genera, Antopocerus, Ateledrosophila, Celidosoma, Drosophila, Grimshawomyia, Idiomyia, Nudidrosophila, Scaptomyza, and Titanochaeta (Hardy, 1965). These were considered to be part of two major lineages, “drosophiloids” and “scaptomyzoids,” based on a number of morphological synapomorphies (Throckmorton, 1966). The drosophiloid, or Hawaiian Drosophila, lineage contained the Drosophila species endemic to Hawai’i, as well as the endemic… 

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