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Notes on the art of walking

  title={Notes on the art of walking},
  author={Alan L. Ryave and Jim Schenkein},
reinvention of Nordic walking Consumers, Producers and Practices : Understanding the invention and
The idea that artifacts are acquired and used in the course of accomplishing social practices has important implications for theories of consumption and innovation. From this point of view, it is not
Exhibiting Interaction: Conduct and Collaboration in Museums and Galleries
This article explores how individuals, both alone and together, examine exhibits in museums and galleries. Drawing on ethnomethodology and conversation analysis, it focuses on the ways in which
Sensoriality, Social Interaction, and “Doing sensing” in Physical–Cultural Ethnographies
As recently highlighted, despite a burgeoning field of sensory ethnography, the practices, production, and accountability of the senses in specific social interactional contexts remain sociologically
Engaging students in higher education through mobile learning: lessons learnt in a Chinese entrepreneurship course
This evaluative–exploratory case study reports pedagogical experiences with using mobiles phones, wikis, and other mobile learning approaches such as podcasts and walking tours as educational tools
Knowing the Way. Managing Epistemic Topologies in Virtual Game Worlds
This study shows that the projection of a next action can be construed with resources that do not build on turns-at-talk or on actions immediately stemming from the physical body—in the domain of online games, players project activity shifts by means of completely different resources.
Adjusting step-by-step trajectories in public space: the micro-sequentiality of approaching and refusing to be approached
On the basis of an empirical study of fleeting interactions in a public space between activists seeking for support for an environmental organization and passersby, this paper discusses some
Appealing to the senses: Approaching, sensing, and interacting at the market’s stall
  • L. Mondada
  • Business
    Discourse & Communication
  • 2022
Sensorial access to products in shop encounters constitutes a crucial aspect of the appeal to customers. This paper examines sensorial engagements with products in a specific ecology (outdoor
Exploring Inequalities in the Social, Spatial and Material Practices of Teaching and Learning in Pandemic Times
  • J. Boys
  • Education
    Postdigital Science and Education
  • 2021
This article conceptualises higher education as a complex and dynamic set of entangled social, spatial and material practices — enacted, adapted and contested across spaces and technologies as these interact with diverse learners, teachers, curricula and contexts and engages with existing literature about longer-term patterns of inequalities in access and inclusion.
Capturing the nurse’s kinesthetic experience of wearing an exoskeleton
In this study, we introduce a video-ethnographic study of a research process in which nursing students try on exoskeletons—wearable forms of technology that are meant to decrease lower back strain
Hand-ling ‘road rage’
  • M. Lloyd, J. Mlynár
  • Psychology
    Social Interaction. Video-Based Studies of Human Sociality
  • 2021
Although mobility and movement has recently gained importance within interactionist studies of social action, not much is known about the consequentiality of being on the move for the particular