Notes on the Synthesis of Form

  title={Notes on the Synthesis of Form},
  author={Bruno Vayssi{\`e}re and Christopher Alexander},
The Structure of Design Problem Spaces
There are a set of invariant features in the problem spaces of design situations that collectively constitute a design problem space, according to the claim that there are important generalizations about problem solving in design activity that reach across specific disciplines.
Synthesis of Forms: Integrating Practical and Reflective Qualities in Design
It is argued that designing everyday use objects for reflection requires a synthesis of two apparently opposite forms: conventionally practical forms, since they areeveryday use objects, and evocative forms, because they make users think.
Animation-based Sketching: An explorative study of how animation-based sketching can support the concept design of non-idiomatic digital technologies
The paper presents sketching as an integral part of the design epistemology and a categorization of diferent dimensions in which sketching can be represented is presented.
The First Stage of an Architectural Design in a Complex Situation : A Crucial Task
Modern architectural design is originally a complex and sophisticated skill as it is composed of art, science, and techniques. Therefore, the complexity will further grow by any circumstantial
What design education tells us about design theory: a pedagogical genealogy
A genealogy of design education is offered showing that since the nineteenth century, design programmes have continuously, if diversely, taught novice designers, methods, crafts, and attitudes that reflect diverse epistemological traditions.
A Pattern-Based Approach for Constructing Design Theories with Conceptual Models
A new approach for constructing design theories in IS research by formulating theoretical statements as conceptual models, and proposes a detailed framework that integrates conceptual modeling in the process of theorizing in design-oriented IS research.
The Model of Future Islamic Architecture: Adapting the Basics of Design in Native Qajar Housing
  • Art
  • 2022
Art is the true manifestation of the characteristics of the culture of any nation, and the flourishing of any civilization finds its reflection in the past tradition in art. In this position, the
Information management for collaborative Modelling and Simulation (M&S) of infrastructure includes the proper handling of information exchanges. Unfortunately, this is mostly viewed as a
Magic Carpets as Psychoactive System Diagrams
  • Art
  • 2021
Introduction Magic carpets as vehicles for noosphere travel Cultivating 'hearts and minds' Strategic system diagrams as carpets of primitive design Patterns of symmetry Design challenge of imbuing
Way Round Cognitive Ground Zero and Pointlessness?
  • Psychology
  • 2021
Introduction Beyond cognitive despair? Requisite childlike cognition for integration of "heaven" Strategic identification of "The Way" Cognitive implication in geometrical metaphors in articulation