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Notes on the Life Cycle and Natural History of Butterflies of E1 Salvador. V.A. Pyrrhogyra hypsenor (Nymphalidae-Catonephelinae)

  title={Notes on the Life Cycle and Natural History of Butterflies of E1 Salvador. V.A. Pyrrhogyra hypsenor (Nymphalidae-Catonephelinae)},
  author={Alberto Muyshondt},
  journal={Journal of The New York Entomological Society},
  • A. Muyshondt
  • Published 1974
  • Biology
  • Journal of The New York Entomological Society
For a period of three years eggs, larvae and pupae of Pyrrhogyra hypsenor Godman & Salvin have been collected, reared, observed, and photographed in El Salvador. In this paper the results of the observations are published for the first time, placing em phasis on the morphological and behavioral similarities existent with other Catonephelinae and at least with some Callicorinae. Record is made of the larval food plants of the species in Central America. The strong probability that the species is… 

Immature stages of the butterfly Diaethria clymena janeira (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Biblidinae)

The immature stages (egg, larva, and pupa) morphology, larval and oviposition behavior, and host plant of the "eighty-eight" butterfly Diaethria clymena janeira (C. Felder, 1862) are described. Eggs

Larval defence against ant predation in the butterfly Smyrna blomfildia

The study reported here was designed to provide data on larval behaviour and its relation to ant predation on the host plant, and to evaluate the ef®ciency of frass chains as refuges against walking predators.

Hostplants and classification: a review of nymphalid butterflies

Although offering few certain conclusions, the data presented should contribute toward a resolution of the inter-relationships of the many widely recognized groupings within the Nymphalidae, several of which seem to be broadly characterized by typical host families.

Coevolution between flight morphology, vertical stratification and sexual dimorphism: what can we learn from tropical butterflies?

Light is shed on the impact of flight and sexual dimorphism on the evolution and ecological adaptation of flying organisms and the matching between flight morphology and stratum preference is more likely to reflect adaptive radiation than shared ancestry.

Pleural effusion in Burkitt's lymphoma.

In 2 cases of Burkitt's lymphoma, the pleural fluid was examined only after failure of usual specimens (tissue biopsy and peritoneal fluid) to yield positive results, which inevitably, led to delay in the diagnosis of both cases.