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Notes on the Gregarines in Japan-9-Three New Eugregarines and Nine Other Gregarines from Orthoptera and Dictyoptera

  title={Notes on the Gregarines in Japan-9-Three New Eugregarines and Nine Other Gregarines from Orthoptera and Dictyoptera},
  author={一巳 星出},
Tomaculocystis corpulenta n. gen., n. sp. (Apicomplexa: Eugregarinorida) Parasitizing the Little Yellow Cockroach, Cariblatta lutea (Blattodea: Ectobiidae), in Alabama and Florida with Recognition of Tomaculocystis cylindrosa n. comb. and Tomaculocystis mukundai n. comb. Parasitizing Ectobiid Cockro
Overall patterns suggest a hypothesis of European endemicy for Gamocystis, but hypotheses for the origin and radiation of Tomaculocyst is or species of Gregarina infecting cockroaches are confounded by the cosmopolitan spread of pest cockroach species among humans. Expand
Phylogenetic Relationships, Evolution, and Systematic Revision of the Septate Gregarines (Apicomplexa: Eugregarinorida: Septatorina)
High-level diversification of Septatorina resulted from adaptations of the gametocyst, allowing colonization of both terrestrial and sweet-water habitats, suggesting that evolutionarily, gregarine species track niche resources along lines of transmission; they do not necessarily track host species in evolutionary time. Expand
Revision of the Genus Protomagalhaensia and Description of Protomagalhaensia wolfi n. comb. (Apicomplexa: Eugregarinida: Hirmocystidae) and Leidyana haasi n. comb. (Apicomplexa: Eugregarinida: Leidyanidae) Parasitizing the Lobster Cockroach, Nauphoeta cinerea (Dictyoptera: Blaberidae)
The redescribe P. wolfi and L. haasi and refer them to genera other than Gregarina, establish neotype specimens, revise the diagnosis of Protomagalhaensia to reflect oocyst variation within the genus and distinguish it from the other 15 genera comprising Hirmocystidae. Expand
Amphisiella annulata (Kahl, 1928) Borror, 1972 (Ciliophora: Hypotricha): Morphology, Notes on Morphogenesis, Review of Literature, and Neotypification
Summary. The morphology and some morphogenetic details of the marine hypotrich Amphisiella annulata (Kahl, 1928) were investigated using live observation and protargol impregnation. The populationExpand
The life cycle of Leidyana ampulla sp.n. [Apicomplexa: Eugregarinorida: Leidyanidae] in the grasshopper Ronderosia bergi [Stal] [Orthoptera: Acrididae: Melanoplinae]
Leidyana ampulla, a new species of septate eugregarine, is described from the Argentine grasshopper Ronderosia bergi, which had a characteristic bottle-like appearance and a total length that ranged from 280 to 584 µm. Expand
Leidyana canadensis N. Sp. (Apicomplexa: Eugregarinida) from Larval Eastern Hemlock Looper, Lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria (Lepidoptera: Geometridae)
ABSTRACT. Leidyana canadensis n. sp. (Apicomplexa: Eugregarinida) is described from larvae of the eastern hemlock looper, Lambdina fiscellaria (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) collected near St. Stephen,Expand