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Notes on some lichenicolous fungi species from Turkey II

  title={Notes on some lichenicolous fungi species from Turkey II},
  author={Mehmet G{\"o}khan Halıcı and Mehmet Akif Candan and Ayşen {\"O}zdemir T{\"u}rk},
  journal={Turkish Journal of Botany},
Nine species of lichenicolous fungi are reported from various provinces of Turkey. Five species of these (Endococcus janae, Lichenochora aprica, Pronectria xanthoriae, Sarcopyrenia cylindrospora, and Zwackhiomyces cervinae) are reported for the first time from Turkey. All these taxa, except Zwackhiomyces cervinae, are also new to Asia. Comments on their habitats and substrata and a short diagnosis are provided for each new taxon new to Turkey. 
New Cercidospora records for Turkey
Three lichenicolous species of Cercidospora are reported for the first time from Turkey: Cercidospora crozalsiana on Squamarina lentigera, C. verrucosaria on Megaspora verrucosa, and C. werneri onExpand
A new species, Sagediopsis vasilyevae, and other lichenicolous fungi from Zabaikal'skii Territory of Russia, southern Siberia
Thirty seven species of lichenicolous fungi are reported from southern Siberia. Sagediopsis vasilyevae (on Rhizocarpon inarense) is described as new to science. Rosellinula haplospora is new toExpand
A new lichenicolous species of Capronia (Ascomycota, Herpotrichiellaceae), with a key to the known lichenicolous species of the genus
A new lichenicolous fungus in the genus Capronia is described: C. minutosetosa sp. nov. from the thallus of Chromatochlamys muscorum in Turkey and Spain. The new species differs from those previouslyExpand
Lichenized and lichenicolous fungi of Gevne Valley Konya, Antalya.
The lichen and lichenicolous fungi of Gevne Valley in the provinces of Konya and Antalya are presented and four taxa are new records for Turkey. Expand
A New Record for Asia: Abrothallus tulasnei M. Cole & D. Hawksw. (Dothideomycetes, Ascomycota) from Turkey
Abrothallus tulasnei, a species which is only known from North America and Austria in Europe, is recorded for the first time from North Anatolia in Asia. Expand
Lichenicolous Fungi and Lichens from Puglia and Basilicata (southern Italy)
The new genus AsteroglOBulus, the new species Asteroglobulus giselae, Phoma melanelixiae and Unguiculariopsis lucaniae are described, and a list of 92 taxa of lichenicolous fungi, including some lichen Nicolous lichens, is provided. Expand
Zwackhiomyces turcicus sp. nov. ( Ascomycota , Xanthopyreniaceae ) from Turkey
A new species of Zwackhiomyces turcicus is described as new from the thallus of Physcia magnussonii from southern Turkey, which produces one of the largest ascomata in the genus. Expand
Lichenised and Lichenicolous Fungi of Aladağlar National Park (Niğde, Kayseri and Adana Provinces) in Turkey
One saprobic fungus species, apparently in an initial phase of lichenisation, named Dactylospora mediterranea Sarrion & Hafellner, is also a new record for Turkey and it seems that this species is reported for the first time after its description in 2002. Expand
Epiphytic Lichen Diversity of the Sündiken Mountains (Eskişehir, Turkey)
Ninety-three lichen taxa belonging to 43 genera are recorded from the Sündiken Mountains, Eskişehir (Turkey), of which 34 are reported for the first time from this area. Expand
Sinopsis del género Sarcopyrenia (Ascomycota, hongos liquenícolas), con la descripción de tres nuevas especies
Synopsis of the genus Sarcopyrenia ( Ascomycota, lichenicolous fungi), with the description of three new species. Work of compilation and synthesis ofthe genus Sarcopyrenia Nyl. Description of theExpand


Notes on British Lichenicolous Fungi: VII
Thirteen species of obligately lichenicolous fungi belonging to the Ascomycotina are reported for the first time from the British Isles and additional notes are included on a further four species.Expand
Notes on Swedish lichenicolous fungi
Abstract: The new lichenicolous species Epicladonia lapponica Ihlen and Telogalla physciicola Ihlen & R. Sant. are described from Sweden. Arthonia digitatae Hafellner and Phaeospora arctica HorákováExpand
Zwackhiomyces cervinae, a new lichenicolous fungus (Xanthopyreniaceae) on Acarospora, with a key to the known species of the genus
Abstract: Zwackhiomyces cervinae Calat., Triebel & Pérez-Ortega is described as new to science from Spain and Iran. This lichenicolous species grows on the lateral side of the squamules of AcarosporaExpand
New lichenicolous Opegrapha species on Caloplaca from Europe
Opegrapha vulpina, a new lichenicolous fungus on endolithic Caloplaca subg. Expand
Endococcus janae, a new species from Peru on Acarospora rhabarbarina
Endococcus janae is described from Acarospora rhabarbarina in Peru. It has 4- spored asci and differs from other the 4-spored species, E. zahlbrucknerellae and E. variabilis, in ascomata and sporeExpand
The lichenicolous fungi of Great Britain and Ireland: an overview and annotated checklist
The introduction includes accounts of: the history of investigation, circumscription, phylogenetic relationships, symbiotic interactions, dispersal and establishment, distribution, culture, host restriction, and identification, and the checklist enumerates the recorded species. Expand
Über Funde lichenicoler nicht-lichenisierter Pilze in der Türkei, mit einer Synopsis der bisher im Land nachgewiesenen Taxa
Uber Funde lichenicoler nicht-lichenisierter Pilze in der Turkei, with einer Synopsis der bisher im Land nachgewiesenen Taxa, werden erstmals in Asien nachwiesen. Expand
Flechten der östlichen Schwarzmeer-Region in der Türkei (BLAM-Exkursion 1997)
Zusammenfassung: JOHN, V. & BREUSS, O. 2004. Flechten der ostlichen Schwarzmeer-Region in der Turkei. – Herzogia 17: 137–156. 433 Taxa von Flechten und flechtenbewohnenden Pilzen aus der ostlichenExpand
Lichens of Erciyes Mountain
  • Flora Mediterranea
  • 2005
Weddellomyces turcicus, a new species on a grey Acarospora from Turkey
  • Mycotaxon
  • 2005