Notes on regeneration in stentor coeruleus

  title={Notes on regeneration in stentor coeruleus},
  author={N. M. Stevens},
  journal={Archiv f{\"u}r Entwicklungsmechanik der Organismen},
  • N. Stevens
  • Published 21 May 1903
  • Biology
  • Archiv für Entwicklungsmechanik der Organismen
Summary1)In the formation of a new peristomal field during fission of Stentor coeruleus, intercalation of new light stripes begins, before the peristomal band appears and may or may not be completed before the individuals separate.2)In physiological regeneration and in regeneration after merotomy, the number of stripes in the frontal field is increased by intercalation of new light stripes, beginning several hours after the field has assumed its normal position.3)Invagination of the pharynx… 
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Modular, cascade-like transcriptional program of regeneration in Stentor

This work used RNAseq to assay the dynamic changes in Stentor’s transcriptome during regeneration, allowing it to classify regeneration genes into groups based on their potential role for regeneration in distinct cell regeneration paradigms, and provides insight into how a single cell can coordinate complex morphogenetic pathways to regenerate missing structures.

Reorganization of complex ciliary flows around regenerating Stentor coeruleus

This work targets oral regeneration induced by sucrose-shock to reveal the complex interplay between ciliary restructuring and hydrodynamics in Stentor, which accompanies the complete developmental sequence from band formation, elongation, curling, and migration toward the cell anterior.

Wundheilungs- und Regenerationsvorgänge bei Infusorien

Die Regeneration einzelliger Organismen naeh vollst~ndiger Durchschneidung wurde yon versehiedenen Autoren untersucht (siehe das Literaturverzeichnis am Ende), anderswo einige systematische Untersuchungen tiber dieses Thema angestellt werden.

“Fission zone” inSpirostomum ambiguum

Regenerationsexperimente haben gezeigt, dass beiSpirostomum ambiguum die Lage der Einschnürungsstelle schon vor der Teilung festgelegt wird. Die Determination der Furche erfolgt zur Zeit der