Notes on periodic solitons

  title={Notes on periodic solitons},
  author={Ioannis Bakas and Christos Sourdis},
  journal={Protein Science},
We consider static solutions of the sine-Gordon theory defined on a cylinder, which can be either periodic or quasi-periodic in space. They are described by the different modes of a simple pendulum moving in an inverted effective potential and correspond to its libration or rotation. We review the decomposition of the solutions into an oscillatory sum of alternating kinks and anti-kinks or into a monotonic train of kinks, respectively, using properties of elliptic functions. The two sectors are… 

On integrable models from pp-wave string backgrounds

We construct solutions of type-IIB supergravity with non-trivial Ramond- Ramond 5-form in ten dimensions by replacing the transverse ∞at space of pp-wave back- grounds with exact N = (4;4) c = 4

On elliptic string solutions in AdS3 and dS3

A bstractClassical string actions in AdS3 and dS3 can be connected to the sinh-Gordon and cosh-Gordon equations through Pohlmeyer reduction. We show that the problem of constructing a classical

Notes on supersymmetric Wilson loops on a two-sphere

We study a recently discovered family of 1/8-BPS supersymmetric Wilson loops in $ \mathcal{N} = 4 $ super Yang-Mills theory and their string theory duals. The operators are defined for arbitrary

Renormalization group flows and continual Lie algebras

We study the renormalization group flows of two-dimensional metrics in sigma models and demonstrate that they provide a continual analogue of the Toda field equations based on the infinite

Revisiting the O(3) Non‐linear Sigma Model and Its Pohlmeyer Reduction

It is well known that sigma models in symmetric spaces accept equivalent descriptions in terms of integrable systems, such as the sine‐Gordon equation, through Pohlmeyer reduction. In this paper, we

Periodic thick-brane configurations and their stability

I investigate models with scalar fields in five dimensions that exhibit thick-brane configurations with a non-trivial metric. I show that an appropriate coupling to the scalar curvature allows for

Analysis of the Thermal Activation of High-Mobility Dislocation Loops

We report thermally activated transport of highly mobile dislocation loops in terms of a line tension model where the dislocation loops are assumed to be a flexible string. The activation energy and