Notes on instantons in topological field theory and beyond

  title={Notes on instantons in topological field theory and beyond},
  author={Edward Vladimir Frenkel and Andrey S. Losev and Nikita A. Nekrasov},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
Instantons beyond topological theory. I
Abstract Many quantum field theories in one, two and four dimensions possess remarkable limits in which the instantons are present, the anti-instantons are absent, and the perturbative corrections
Chiral Algebras of (0, 2) Models: Beyond Perturbation Theory
We show that the chiral algebras of $${\mathcal{N} = (0, 2)}$$ sigma models with no left-moving fermions are totally trivialized by worldsheet instantons for flag manifold target spaces.
On a Logarithmic Deformation of the Supersymmetric bc-system on Curved Manifolds
Frenkel et al. (“Instantons beyond topological theory. I,” e-print hep-th/0610149; “Instantons beyond topological theory. II,” e-print hep-th/0803.3302) claimed that a certain class of theories on
Selfduality and Chern-Simons Theory
We propose a relation between the operator of S-duality (of N=4 super Yang-Mills theory in 3+1D) and a topological theory in one dimension lower. We construct the topological theory by compactifying
On a semi-classical limit of loop space quantum mechanics
A framework to carry out an analysis at the leading order of the loop space quantum mechanics (LSQM) and shows that the linearized tachyon effective equation is correctly reproduced up to divergent terms all proportional to the Ricci scalar.
A new look at the path integral of quantum mechanics
The Feynman path integral of ordinary quantum mechanics is complexified and it is shown that possible integration cycles for this complexified integral are associated with branes in a two-dimensional
Notes on nonabelian (0,2) theories and dualities
A bstractIn this paper we explore basic aspects of nonabelian (0,2) GLSMs in two dimensions for unitary gauge groups, an arena that until recently has largely been unexplored. We begin by discussing
Superconformal Structures on Generalized Calabi-Yau Metric Manifolds
We construct an embedding of two commuting copies of the N = 2 superconformal vertex algebra in the space of global sections of the twisted chiral-anti-chiral de Rham complex of a generalized
Towards a loop space description of non-linear sigma model
Non-linear sigma model with target space M can be described as a single particle quantum mechanics in the corresponding free loop space LM. We first discuss a formal description of this loop space
The ABC (in any D) of logarithmic CFT
A bstractLogarithmic conformal field theories have a vast range of applications, from critical percolation to systems with quenched disorder. In this paper we thoroughly examine the structure of


Topological quantum field theory
A twisted version of four dimensional supersymmetric gauge theory is formulated. The model, which refines a nonrelativistic treatment by Atiyah, appears to underlie many recent developments in
Topological sigma models
A variant of the usual supersymmetric nonlinear sigma model is described, governing maps from a Riemann surfaceΣ to an arbitrary almost complex manifoldM. It possesses a fermionic BRST-like symmetry,
Supersymmetry and Morse theory
It is shown that the Morse inequalities can be obtained by consideration of a certain supersymmetric quantum mechanics Hamiltonian. Some of the implications of modern ideas in mathematics for
Chiral de Rham Complex
Abstract:We define natural sheaves of vertex algebras over smooth manifolds which may be regarded as semi-infinite de Rham complexes of certain D-modules over the loop spaces. For Calabi–Yau
Super Poincare covariant quantization of the superstring
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