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Notes on fundamental algebraic supergeometry. Hilbert and Picard superschemes.

  title={Notes on fundamental algebraic supergeometry. Hilbert and Picard superschemes.},
  author={Ugo Bruzzo and Daniel Hern{\'a}ndez Ruip{\'e}rez and Alexander Polishchuk},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Geometry},
These notes aim at providing a complete and systematic account of some foundational aspects of algebraic supergeometry, namely, the extension to the geometry of superschemes of many classical notions, techniques and results that make up the general backbone of algebraic geometry, most of them originating from Grothendieck's work. In particular, we extend to algebraic supergeometry such notions as projective and proper morphisms, finiteness of the cohomology, vector and projective bundles… 
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The moduli space of stable supercurves and its canonical line bundle

We prove that the moduli of stable supercurves with punctures is a smooth proper DM stack and study an analog of the Mumford's isomorphism for its canonical line bundle.

The super Mumford form and Sato Grassmannian



Construction of Hilbert and Quot Schemes

This is an expository account of Grothendieck's construction of Hilbert and Quot Schemes, following his talk 'Techniques de construction et theoremes d'existence en geometrie algebriques IV : les

Projective superspaces in practice

The Grothendieck duality theorem via Bousfield’s techniques and Brown representability

Grothendieck proved that if f: X ) Y is a proper morphism of nice schemes, then Rf* has a right adjoint, which is given as tensor product with the relative canonical bundle. The original proof was by

Resolutions of unbounded complexes

Various types of resolutions of unbounded complexes of sheaves are constructed, with properties analogous to injectivity, flatness, flabbiness, etc. They are used to remove some boundedness

Fundamental Algebraic Geometry

Grothendieck topologies, fibered categories and descent theory: Introduction Preliminary notions Contravariant functors Fibered categories Stacks Construction of Hilbert and Quot schemes:

Super Riemann surfaces: Uniformization and Teichmüller theory

Teichmüller theory for super Riemann surfaces is rigorously developed using the supermanifold theory of Rogers. In the case of trivial topology in the soul directions, relevant for superstring

Moduli and periods of supersymmetric curves

Supersymmetric curves are the analogue of Riemann surfaces in super geometry. We establish some foundational results about complex Deligne-Mumford superstacks, and we then prove that the moduli

Super Atiyah classes and obstructions to splitting of supermoduli space

The first obstruction to splitting a supermanifold S is one of the three components of its super Atiyah class, the two other components being the ordinary Atiyah classes on the reduced space M of the