Notes on continuous stochastic phenomena.

  title={Notes on continuous stochastic phenomena.},
  author={Percy artist Moran},
  volume={37 1-2},
  • P. Moran
  • Published 1 June 1950
  • Mathematics
  • Biometrika
The study of stochastic processes has naturally led to the consideration of stochastic phenomena which are distributed in space of two or more dimensions. Such investigations are, for instance, of practical interest in connexion with problems concerning the distribution of soil fertility over a field or the relations between the velocities at different points in a turbulent fluid. A review of such work with many references has recently been given by Ghosh (1949) (see also Matern, 1947). In the… 


The sampling theory of stationary processes in space is not completely analogous to that of stationary time series, due to the fact that the variate of a time series is influenced only by past

Simulating Two-dimensional Autocorrelated Surfaces

This paper discusses methods of simulating two-dimensional surfaces that satisfy certain mathematical properties. Central to this discussion is the generation of surfaces that possess the property of

Some Important Spatial Definitions

If some autocorrelation is present in the stochastic disturbances, some or all the off-diagonal elements of the variance-covariance matrix are non-zero. In such a situation, as stated earlier, the

Simulations of local Moran’s index in a spatio-temporal setting

This paper provides a descriptive form of discrete spatio-temporal Moran’s index statistics based on processes motivated by the spread of an infectious plant disease in an agricultural setting that possesses an underlying Poisson point process in space and time.

Some Remarks on the Statistical Analysis of Grids Especially with Respect to Ecology

This study is concerned with statistical inference for counts in a m × n grid, conditional on the observed counts. It is restricted to the isotropic case. Some properties are examined of the

Dynamic Models of Spatial Autocorrelation

A formal derivation of necessary extensions in estimation procedures for dynamic multiregional econometric models will be presented, particularly in the field of seemingly unrelated regressions and instrumental variables.

Stochastic multi-site generation of daily weather data

Spatial autocorrelation is a correlation between the values of a single variable, considering their geographical locations. This concept has successfully been used for multi-site generation of daily



Metoder att uppskatta noggrannheten vid linje- och provytetaxering

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    North Carolina Lectures on Stochastic Processes

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