Notes on a Class of Paracontact Metric 3-Manifolds

  title={Notes on a Class of Paracontact Metric 3-Manifolds},
  author={Simeon Zamkovoy},
  journal={arXiv: Differential Geometry},
  • Simeon Zamkovoy
  • Published 17 July 2017
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Differential Geometry
We study a class of 3-dimensional paracontact metric manifolds and we revise some of the results obtain in \cite{SS}. 

A classification of 3-dimensional η-Einstein paracontact metric manifolds

We show that a 3−dimensional η-Einstein paracontact metric manifold is either a manifold with trh2 = 0, flat or of constant ξ−sectional curvature k , −1 and constant φ-sectional curvature −k , 1.

A Classification of 3-dimensional paracontact metric manifolds with $Q\varphi=\varphi Q$

We show that a $3-$dimensional paracontact manifold on which $Q\varphi =\varphi Q$ is either a manifold with $trh^2=0$, flat or of constant $\xi-$sectional curvature $k\neq-1$ and constant



Non-existence of flat paracontact metric structures in dimension greater than or equal to five

An example of a three dimensional flat paracontact metric manifold with respect to Levi-Civita connection is constructed. It is shown that no such manifold exists for odd dimensions greater than or

Contact manifolds in Riemannian geometry

Contact manifolds.- Almost contact manifolds.- Geometric interpretation of the contact condition.- K-contact and sasakian structures.- Sasakian space forms.- Non-existence of flat contact metric

Torsion and critical metrics on contact three-manifolds

where <3tt(ώ) denotes the space of all associated Riemannian metrics to the contact form ω. This functional was studied by Blair and Ledger [2] in general dimension. However the three-dimensional

Almost paracontact and parahodge structures on manifolds

In this paper we study the paracomplex analogues of almost contact structures, and we introduce and study the notion of parahodge structures on manifolds. In particular, we construct new examples of

The decomposition of almost paracontact metric manifolds in eleven classes revisited

This paper is a continuation of our previous work, where eleven basic classes of almost paracontact metric manifolds with respect to the covariant derivative of the structure tensor field were

Riemannian Geometry of Contact and Symplectic Manifolds

Preface * 1. Symplectic Manifolds * 2. Principal S1-bundles * 3. Contact Manifolds * 4. Associated Metrics * 5. Integral Submanifolds and Contact Transformations * 6. Sasakian and Cosymplectic

Canonical connections on paracontact manifolds

The canonical paracontact connection is defined and it is shown that its torsion is the obstruction the paracontact manifold to be paraSasakian. A $${\mathcal{D}}$$ -homothetic transformation is


Soit (M, η,g) une variete de Riemann de contact de courbure φ-sectionnelle constante H. Alors les courbures de Ricci satisfont Ric(X,X)+Ric(φX, φX)≤3n−1+(n+1)H pour chaque vecteur unite X∈T x M x∈M,

On a class of paracontact metric 3-manifolds

The purpose of this paper is to classify paracontact metric $3$-manifolds $M^3$ such that the Ricci operator $S$ commutes with the endomorhism $\phi$ of its tangent bundle $\Gamma(TM^3)$.