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Notes on Telegeusis and some relatives (Coleoptera, Lymexylidae)

  title={Notes on Telegeusis and some relatives (Coleoptera, Lymexylidae)},
  author={Herbert Spencer . Barber},
  journal={Pan-pacific Entomologist},
A New Long-Lipped Beetle from Texas and a Review of the Genus Telegeusis Horn (Coleoptera: Telegeusidae)
The biology and literature of this rare genus are reviewed and a new species is reported for the first time from Texas by the new species Telegeusis texensis Fleenor and Taber.
An insect boring in an Early Cretaceous wood from Bornholm, Denmark
Abstract An insect boring of unique shape is described from a lignitic layer within the Early Cretaceous (Berriasian) Skyttegård Member of the Rabekke Formation on Bornholm. Morphologically it cannot
Pseudotelegeusis meloi sp. nov., the first Telegeusinae from Peru (Coleoptera: Omethidae, Telegeusinae)
A fourth species for the genus Pseudotelegeusis is described, collected in a Malaise sample from the region of Madre de Dios, Peru, and diagnosed mainly by the antennae serrate from antennomeres III to X, eyes occupying half of head width in lateral view and vertex occupying 3/5 of head in dorsal view.
Seasonal Appearance, Diel Flight Activity, and Geographic Distribution of Male Telegeusis texensis Fleenor and Taber (Coleoptera: Telegeusidae)
The paucity of life history biology about this species will likely be remedied only after adult males are detected elsewhere in the habitat than at man-made flight intercept barriers and traps.