Notes on Some Published Inscriptions of Roman Cyprus

  title={Notes on Some Published Inscriptions of Roman Cyprus},
  author={Terence Bruce Mitford},
  journal={The Annual of the British School at Athens},
  pages={201 - 230}
  • T. B. Mitford
  • Published 1 November 1947
  • History
  • The Annual of the British School at Athens
In their preface to Vol. X of the Cambridge Ancient History the editors promise that in Vol. XI will be found a ‘survey of the several provinces during the two centuries that end with the Antonines.’ The student of Roman Cyprus cannot be advised to turn to this volume, because he will there find no mention of Cyprus whatsoever, even as a word in the index. This neglect—for such, indeed, it seems—is indicative not only of the quite literal insularity of this small and in general insignificant… 


The paper attempts to give a general outline of the place and role of the city of Paphos in Cyprus in the history of the island in the Roman period. It is noted that in the Hellenistic and Roman

Plateia, Pedion, “Canopic Street”: Archeological evidence of the main street of ancien Alexandria

Majcherek, G. 2010 Discovering Alexandria – Archaeological update on the finds from Kom el-Dikka, (in:) D. Robinson, A. Wilson (eds.), Alexandria and the North-Western Delta. Joint Conference



In an inscription so brief, the dedicator could readily be omitted

    shows mius Severus and Julia Domna, 3 (one unpub.). that there is sufficient space in the 4th line to restore, Add to this, a month Tiberieios at Paphos and a quite normally

    • Septi-116 IGR iii, 984, now lost. JHS xii

    Ai(0)uiccv 6eav NECC

      above; IGR iii, 939 and 940. Pius, 1 (unpub

        but the inscription as here restored may very well be 1

          v TT| V TOUTO[U yuvcciKoc] and are followed in this, somewhat meekly, by IGR. 112a The general tenor of the inscription seems to be as follows: Ti|3£piov [KAocuSiov Nepcova

            The JHS text at the beginning of 1. 3 shows, after a lacuna of one letter, a nu minus its left hasta

              266, followed by are clearly visible the markings taken by edd. as AT Anderson in CAH x, 762. (better AT). Thestonehere has been badly scratched

              • 1904

              Domitian, 1; incomplete. Nerva, 2; Trajan, 4 (two unpub

                For the omission of the dedicator in short l u IGR iv, 257. In the E. she was often worshipped inscriptions

                • Archiv. f. Pap. xiii