Notes on SUSY and R-symmetry breaking in Wess-Zumino models

  title={Notes on SUSY and R-symmetry breaking in Wess-Zumino models},
  author={Zohar Komargodski and David Shih},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We study aspects of Wess-Zumino models related to SUSY and R-symmetry breaking at tree-level. We present a recipe for constructing a wide class of tree-level SUSY and R-breaking models. We also deduce a general property shared by all tree-level SUSY breaking models that has broad application to model building. In particular, it explains why many models of direct gauge mediation have anomalously light gauginos (even if the R-symmetry is broken spontaneously by an order one amount). This suggests… 

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