Notes on Perelman's papers

  title={Notes on Perelman's papers},
  author={B. Kleiner and J. Lott},
  journal={Geometry & Topology},
  • B. Kleiner, J. Lott
  • Published 2008
  • Mathematics
  • Geometry & Topology
  • e Conjecture, and more generally Thurston’s Geometrization Conjecture, using the Ricci flow approach of Hamilton. Perelman’s proofs are concise and, at times, sketchy. The purpose of these notes is to provide the details that are missing in [46] and [47], which contain Perelman’s arguments for the Geometrization Conjecture. Among other things, we cover the construction of the Ricci flow with surgery of [47]. We also discuss the long-time behavior of the Ricci flow with surgery, which is needed… CONTINUE READING
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    Perelman Proves Poincaré -1. a Dream (a Nightmare?)
    Long-time analysis of 3 dimensional Ricci flow III
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    Towards physically motivated proofs of the Poincaré and geometrization conjectures
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    Differential Harnack inequalities and the Ricci flow
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    Perelman's functionals on cones and Construction of type III Ricci flows coming out of cones
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    Stability of Ricci-flat Spaces and Singularities in 4d Ricci Flow


    The entropy formula for the Ricci flow and its geometric applications
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    Comparison Theorems in Riemannian Geometry
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    The geometries of 3-manifolds
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    Estimates for the extinction time for the Ricci flow on certain 3-manifolds and a question of Perelman
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    Width and finite extinction time of Ricci flow
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    Ricci flow with surgery on three-manifolds
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