Notes on Infantile Diseases of India


was weakly during pregnancy, she nursed 4 months, then tried the bottle. Starting teeth about this time, he did very well, until ?the 18th month, which happened to be March, when a mild convulsion was associated with the eye-teeth. Always inclined to be silent, he became more so after this, besides suffering from occasional vomiting and diarrhoea, difficult to control. The tongue and palate appear right, the father is confident the child is not deaf, and as regards intelligence, he is sharp enough. The " desire*of the moth for the star, of the night for the morning," gives some idea of the restless egotism of such patients who are unreasonably exacting, as if the whole house, and the rest of the children (noisy, merry little people to-day, dressing up a long suffering dog in a bonnet, socks and shawl)

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