Notes on Hybolasius trigonellaris Hutton from the Chatham Islands (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lamiinae)

  title={Notes on Hybolasius trigonellaris Hutton from the Chatham Islands (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae: Lamiinae)},
  author={G. Kuschel and Rowan M. Emberson},
  journal={New Zealand Entomologist},
  pages={89 - 92}
The objective of these notes is to remove the confusion surrounding the name of one of the commoner longhorn beetles found on the Chatham Islands. Hybolasius trigonellaris Hutton is transferred to Hybolasiopsis Breuning, as a new combination, and Xylotoles abnormalis Sharp is synonymised with it. Hybolasius crista (Fabricius) is newly recorded from the Chatham Islands. Characters and a key are given to distinguish Hybolasiopsis trigonellaris from similar lamiine cerambycids recorded from the… 
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All aboard the emergent ark: biogeography of the dune insect fauna of New Zealand and Chatham Island
It is suggested that the manuscript should be rewritten in a chapters-by- chapters format to facilitate more detailed discussion of the author's research and its findings.
Guillermo (Willy) Kuschel (13 July 1918–1 August 2017)
Three weeks after celebrating his 99th birthday in the company of family and friends, Guillermo (Willy) Kuschel completed a manuscript, had a beer and died peacefully in his sleep on the afternoon of


Zeonidicola(Coleoptera: Cavognathidae) — Beetles inhabiting birds' nests
The endemic beetle fauna of the Chatham Islands is reviewed in relation to the probable history of the islands and the possible functional and phylogenetic significance of differences between the two species is discussed briefly.
The beetle (Coleoptera) fauna of the Chatham Islands
The size of the known fauna on the different islands of the Chathams group does not follow usual species area relationships, probably due to predation, disturbance and forest clearance on the larger islands.
Entomological Notes
It is recommended that all mango seeds introduced into America should be opened and examined, and those selected for planting made to germinate under a wire-gauze screen.
Index Faunae Novae Zealandiae
WITH the exception of the valuable introduction, by the editor, which appeals to a somewhat wider circle, this is essentially a book of reference, and as such is all-important to the scientific
Beetles in a suburban environment : a New Zealand case study : the identity and status of Coleoptera in the natural and modified habitats of Lynfield, Auckland, 1974-1989
The Auckland suburb of Lynfield, on the northern side of the Manukau Harbour, presents a typical picture of urban development under topographical constraint, with substantial areas of vegetation remained relatively unmodified.
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Art. I. — Entomological Notes
Some new Coleoptera from the Chatham Islands and New Zealand