Notes on Eskimo Patterns of Suicide

  title={Notes on Eskimo Patterns of Suicide},
  author={Alexander H. Leighton and Charles Campbell Hughes},
  journal={Southwestern Journal of Anthropology},
  pages={327 - 338}
INTRODUCTION W HILE SPENDING the summer of 1940 on St Lawrence Island, Alaska, one of the authors (AHL) obtained several descriptions of suicide2 from Yuit (Siberian) Eskimos in the village of Gambell. These accounts emerged in the course of life histories which AHL was securing as part of a study in Eskimo personality. The individuals who mentioned the suicides were questioned in an effort to build as clear a picture as possible of the episodes, since they appeared relevant to adequate… 

The optimal sacrifice: A study of voluntary death among the Siberian Chukchi

In the Siberian North, “voluntary death,” that is, a person, who—often because of illness and old age—requests to die at the hands of close relatives, has traditionally been explained as a form of

Native American suicide in New Mexico, 1957-1979: a comparative study.

Age-specific trends show an increase in youthful suicide rates similar to the rate in recent years, and a high percentage of both males and females using extremely lethal methods, i.e., firearms and hanging, to commit suicide.

Indigenous suicide in cross-cultural context: An overview statement and selective bibliography of sources relevant to Indigenous suicide in Australia, North America, and the Pacific

Overview Over the past 15 years, there has been recurrent national and international media coverage of Australian Aboriginal self-injury and suicide. This has ranged from the cover of Time magazine,


I Resume The argument presented in this paper is informed by a Durkheimian paradigm, namely, that the high incidence of suicide (and the pathological risk syndromes associated with suicidal

A Bibliography on Suicide and Suicide Attempts among American Indians and Alaska Natives

Presented here is a bibliography on suicide and self-destruction among American Indians and the native peoples of Alaska. This area of knowledge has been characterized by rapid growth in the last

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The article examines female suicide among the Lurs of south-western Iran where the ethnographic material was gathered during 1979–1982. The Luri men's public reaction to their female relatives’ and

Suicide attempts among Inuit youth: a community survey of prevalence and risk factors

The high prevalence and effect of family problems on likelihood of suicide attempts indicate the need for family‐ and community‐based approaches.

Suicide as altruism: A Darwinian perspective

  • R. Abed
  • Psychology
    Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine
  • 1997
There has been increased interest recently in the implications of Darwinian theory on psychology, psychiatry and in medicine generally. As a result a large number of publications have appeared that

IBSEN and the Suicide Enigma

The famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen died of natural causes in old age. Ibsen's life and his creative work strongly suggest suicidal tendencies never manifested in his behavior. Various

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The results of the available studies of suicide among the various Indian tribal groups are presented here along with some implications for further research.