Notes on Early Land Plants Today. 44. Comments on sexuality in Solenostoma (Solenostomataceae, Marchantiophyta) and on some newly described taxa

  title={Notes on Early Land Plants Today. 44. Comments on sexuality in Solenostoma (Solenostomataceae, Marchantiophyta) and on some newly described taxa},
  author={Lars S{\"o}derstr{\"o}m and Anders Hagborg and M. J. von Konrat},
The sexuality of Solenostoma species is discussed and it is concluded that Solenostoma sanguinolentum is heteroicous. This and other morphological differences from Solenostoma marcescens are discussed and they are considered to belong to the same species. Heteroicity probably also occurs in Solenostoma micranthum and possibly in other Solenostoma species. Solenostoma rossicum and Solenostoma pyriflorum subsp. purpureum are new synonyms to Solenostoma sphaerocarpum. Solenostoma ochotense is a… Expand
The study of type collection in Conservatoire et Jardin Botanique de la Ville de Genève (G): the hepatic genera Jungermannia, Solenostoma and Plectocolea
Type specimens of 75 hepatics taxa currently accepted in Jungermannia, Solenostoma and Plectocolea were studied in the type collection of G. Their systematic position and correct names are discussed.Expand
A Synopsis of the Liverwort Flora of North America North of Mexico1,2
Thirty-four new heterotypic synonyms, distributed among 27 accepted taxa, have been proposed, primarily as a consequence of nomenclatural updating (see Appendix 1 for a list). Expand
Recent literature on bryophytes — 117(3)
A new combination in Pseudosymblepharis (Pottiaceae) from South and Central America and some selected South Indian taxa of Marchantiales (Bryophyta: Hepaticae) are identified. Expand
Further note on Solenostoma marcescens (Mitt.) Bakalin (Hepaticae)
Solenostoma sanguinolentum (Griff.) Steph. and related species are discussed based on study of type and other available materials. The species status of S. marcescens (Mitt.) Bakalin is confirmed andExpand
World checklist of hornworts and liverworts
The first-ever worldwide checklist for liverworts and hornworts is presented that includes 7486 species in 398 genera representing 92 families from the two phyla, providing a valuable tool for taxonomists and systematists, analyzing phytogeographic and diversity patterns, aiding in the assessment of floristic and taxonomic knowledge, and identifying geographical gaps. Expand
New national and regional bryophyte records, 58
L. T. Ellis, O. M. Afonina, G. Ya. Doroshina, C. Agudelo, R. L. Andriamiarisoa, A. K. Asthana, D. Gupta, R. Gupta, K. K. Rawat, V. Sahu, P. Aymerich, H. Bednarek-Ochyra, M. Brugués, E. Ruiz, L. Sáez,Expand


New Taxa of Solenostoma and Plectocolea and Other Taxonomic Novelties Based on Study of Collections in the New York Botanical Garden Herbarium
Six new taxa are described based on study of Jungermannia s.l. collections in herbarium NY, and it was found that the type specimen of Plectocolea micrantha Mitt is paroicous, not dioicous. Expand
New combinations and new species of Solenostoma and Plectocolea (Solenostomataceae) from the Russian Far East
A molecular phylogeny of Solenostoma and Plectocolea based on trnL-F and trnG-intron cpDNA sequences of 25 species represented by multiple accessions from different regions of Russia and some adjacent countries is provided, suggesting the new species originated in the contact zone of circumboreal and temperate East Asian floras with the possible influence of modern volcanic activity. Expand
Phylogeny and systematics of the genus Lophozia s. str. (Dumort.) Dumort. (Hepaticae) and related taxa from nuclear ITS1-2 and chloroplast trnL-F sequences.
A consensus secondary structure of the trnL intron P8 region could not be inferred for taxa studied mainly due to high sequence length diversity originated from deletions, and a low level of divergence was found between L. sudetica and Protolophozia debiliformes. Expand
Acceptance of Liochlaena Nees and Solenostoma Mitt., the systematic position of Eremonotus Pearson and notes on Jungermannia L. s.l. (Jungermanniidae) based on chloroplast DNA sequence data
Nucleotide sequence variation of the chloroplast rbcL gene of 78 representatives of Jungermanniales suborders Jungermanniineae and Cephaloziineae and five outgroup species is analysed using maximumExpand
Studies of New Zealand Hepaticae. 20–38. A Miscellanea of New Taxa and Combinations
The following new infrageneric taxa are described: Bazzania S. Gray sect. Expand
New combinations in Jungermanniales: transfer of 32 taxa to Solenostoma Mitt.
Solenostoma Mitt. represents an independent lineage of jungermannioid liverworts with peryginia terminated by perianths or with plicate perianths that are abruptly constricted to the mouth and form aExpand
Transfer of Gottschelia grollei, G. patoniae and Scaphophyllum speciosum to Solenostoma based on chloroplast DNA rbcL sequences
Maximum parsimony and Bayesian analyses of a chloroplast DNA rbcL dataset indicate a position of Gottschelia schizopleura in Scapaniaceae (Jungermanniales suborder Cephaloziineae). GottscheliaExpand
Phylogeny of the genus Lophozia (Dumort.) Dumort. s. str. inferred from nuclear and chloroplast sequences ITS1-2 and TRNL-F
Maximum parsimony and maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees were constructed for 21 taxa of Lophozia s. str. and the related genera, Schistochilopsis (5 species), Protolophozia elongata, andExpand
Bryophyte flora of the South Kuril Islands (East Asia)
The annotated list of 217 hepatics and 380 mosses that were revealed in the South Kuril Islands, including Simushir, Urup, Chirpoi, Iturup, Kunashir, and Shikotan is presented. This is the localExpand
Notes on Early Land Plants Today. 2. Two new combinations in Solenostoma
Plectocolea Mitten (1873) is now generally treated as a synonym of Solenostoma Mitten and the following new combination is necessary. Expand