Notes on Afrotropical Pyrgodesmidae, 1 (Diplopoda: Polydesmida)

  title={Notes on Afrotropical Pyrgodesmidae, 1 (Diplopoda: Polydesmida)},
  author={Sergei I. Golovatch and Didier Vandenspiegel},
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A Miocene pyrgodesmid millipede (Polydesmida: Pyrgodesmidae) from Mexico
A new fossil species of pyrgodesmid millipede (Polydesmida: Pyrgodes midae) placed in the genus Myrmecodesmus Silvestri, 1910 is described, expanding the range of the genus to the Miocene tropics in Middle America.
A new species of the millipede genus Cryptocorypha Attems, 1907, from northern Thailand (Polydesmida, Pyrgodesmidae)
A key to all three Cryptocorypha pecies known from Indochina or Myanmar and an updated checklist of all 21 species of the genus are provided.
Afrotropical Pyrgodesmidae , 3 ( Diplopoda : Polydesmida ) Çàìåòêè ïî àôðîòðîïè÷åñêèì Pyrgodesmidae , 3 ( Diplopoda : Polydesmida )
диальными задними пластинами на 19-м сегменте, которые полностью скрывают тельсон при виде сверху. Составлен ключ для всех шести видов этой группы. И Afrocorypha Loksa, 1967, и Procoptodesmus
Checklist of the Millipedes (Diplopoda) of Tanzania
A checklist of millipedes (Diplopoda) known to occur in Tanzania is given, including seven species never before recorded from the country, and eight species erroneously recorded from Tanzania are excluded.
Afrotropical Pyrgodesmidae , 2 ( Diplopoda : Polydesmida ) Çàìåòêè ïî àôðîòðîïè÷åñêèì Pyrgodesmidae , 2 ( Diplopoda : Polydesmida )
The genera Urodesmus and Monachodesmus are reviewed and shown to comprise four and 18 species, respectively, all keyed, including U. cornutus sp.n., M. longicaudatus sp.n. and M. armorum sp.n., all