Notes from the Babylonian Collection, II: Old Babylonian HAR-ra

  title={Notes from the Babylonian Collection, II: Old Babylonian HAR-ra},
  author={William W. Hallo},
  journal={Journal of Cuneiform Studies},
  pages={81 - 93}
  • W. Hallo
  • Published 1 January 1982
  • History
  • Journal of Cuneiform Studies
The late Edgar J. Banks, source of so many collections of cuneiform tablets throughout the United States, left a considerable number of clay cones and tablets to his widow at his death in 1945. When it became known to me in 1970 that she was anxious to dispose of them, contact was quickly made with her and with her daughter, Mrs. James McLachlan. Over a thousand tablets thus came into the possession of the Yale Babylonian Collection, where most of them are now accessioned among the numbers… 

The Reception of Sumerian Literature in the Western Periphery

The composition A Prayer for a King (PfK) is a prayer to the god Enlil on behalf of an unnamed king. This text is unknown from the Old Babylonian literature and is only attested in a bilingual

On the curricular setting of Sumerian Literature

A series of important studies and observations over the last few decades has resulted in an increasingly clear understanding of the nature and composition of the Sumerian school curriculum in the Old

Mesopotamian Metrological Lists And Tables:Forgotten Sources

From the outset of Mesopotamian archaeology, the archaeologists have constantly been excavating school tablets from the major sites of the Near East; these tablets were found incorporated in walls,



Literary Texts from Ur VI, Part II

U.E.T. VI, Part II will consist of about 150 plates of copies prepared by C. J. Gadd from some 200 pieces varying in size from fairly well-preserved four column tablets to small fragments and “buns”

Lipit-Eštar's Praise in the Edubba

The hymn edited below,1 also known as Li B (Lipit-ettar Hymn B) or "Lipit-7star, King of Justice, Wisdom and Learning,"2 is not mentioned in any catalogue so far, although it seems to have been very

Modern Social Problems in Ancient Sumer: Evidence from the Sumerian Literary Documents

  • Literary Texts from Ur VI, Part II
  • 1963

UET 6 33f.; cf. Hunger, Kolophone p. 25, who reads X/14 and X/24 and notes another im-gid-da of 60 lines

  • YBC 4606. Both texts are incorporated in the edition by P. Michalowski
  • 1976

See above, Table 1, sub lugal mi-dull-ga

    E2-dub-ba-Literatur: Lehrbuicher des Sumerischen

    • Orientalia Lovaniensia Periodica
    • 1979