Notes from a CHOGM Novice

  title={Notes from a CHOGM Novice},
  author={A. Hadfield},
  journal={The Round Table},
  pages={35 - 45}
  • A. Hadfield
  • Published 2008
  • Political Science
  • The Round Table
The microcosm effect at CHOGM 2007 is unmistakeable. The host nation cannot help but reflect the virtues and vices of the Commonwealth itself. It is informed by, and in turn informs the dialogue of the CHOGM and the broader debates within the Commonwealth. The interface between local, national and international interests is dynamic, contested, appropriated and reworked. The Uganda/CHOGM interface was especially so. The following is a brief observation of the dominant themes that emerged during… Expand
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  • 2007
Editorial: Nigeria – A Commonwealth paradox? The Round Table
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      Deputy Spokesperson of the NRM, quoted in ''Crossfire: Is the Commonwealth club guilty of double standards on Uganda?'' Sunday Vision
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