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Notes and description of the previously unknown male of Syntexis libocedrii (Hymenoptera: Syntexidae)

  title={Notes and description of the previously unknown male of Syntexis libocedrii (Hymenoptera: Syntexidae)},
  author={Woodrow Wilson Middlekauff},
  journal={Pan-pacific Entomologist},

First record of anaxyelid woodwasps (Hymenoptera: Anaxyelidae) in Lower Cretaceous Spanish amber

The morphology of this new species suggests xylophagous habitus, and its relation with Syntexis libocedrii implies a possible relationship with burned wood, apparently a frequently available resource in northern Spanish forests of the Lower Cretaceous.

Simultaneous analysis of the basal lineages of Hymenoptera (Insecta) using sensitivity analysis

The first simultaneous analysis of molecular and morphological data of basal hymenopterans that includes exemplars from all families is presented and the resulting hypothesis that best represents the combined evidence from morphology and DNA sequences is (Xyeloidea (Tenthredinoidea s.l).

Phylogeny and classification of the extant basal lineages of the Hymenoptera (Insecta)

The phylogeny of the basal hymenopteran lineages, including representatives of all «symphytan» families, is analysed and it is proposed to elevate the Anaxyelidae and the Xiphydriida both to superfamily status.

Functional morphology of the male genitalia and copulation in lower Hymenoptera, with special emphasis on the Tenthredinoidea s. str. (Insecta, Hymenoptera, ‘Symphyta’)

The evolution of obligate and facultative strophandry is discussed, and it is confirmed that the stem species of all Hymenoptera was probably orthandrous and facultatively Strophandrous.

Notes on Sirex juvencus californicus (Hymenoptera: Siricidae), with a Description of the Male and a Key to the California Species of Sirex

Abstract For the first time the male of Sirex juvencus californicus (Ashmead) (= Sirex obesus Bradley, new synonymy) is described; the female is redescribed. Biological notes on this subspecies are