Note on varying speed of light cosmologies

  title={Note on varying speed of light cosmologies},
  author={George F R Ellis},
  journal={General Relativity and Gravitation},
  • G. Ellis
  • Published 2 February 2007
  • Physics
  • General Relativity and Gravitation
The various requirements on a consistent varying speed of light (‘VSL’) theory are surveyed, giving a short check-list that needs to be satisfied by such theories. 
The speed of light in extended gravity theories
We shall investigate the possibility of formulation of varying speed of light (VSL) in the framework of Palatini nonlinear Ricci scalar and Ricci squared theories. Different speeds of light including
The minimally extended Varying Speed of Light (meVSL)
Even though there have been various models of the time-varying speed of light (VSL), they remain out of the mainstream because of their possible violation of physics laws built into fundamental
The Variable-c Cosmology as a Solution to Pioneer Anomaly
It is shown that the Pioneer anomaly is a natural consequence of variable speed of light cosmological models wherein the speed of light is assumed to be a power-law function of the scale factor (or
The VSL Discussion: What Does Variable Speed of Light Mean and Should we be Allowed to Think About ?
Abstract In the past years, variable speed of light (VSL) theories have been of growing interest but also a sub-ject of controversial discussion. They have been accused both for tautologies and for
How to Reconstruct a Varying Speed of Light Signal from Baryon Acoustic Oscillations Surveys
We describe an alternative way to use future Baryon Acoustic Oscillation observations to perform non-mainstream research. We focus on the so-called Varying Speed of Light theories, in which the speed
The thermodynamics of a scalar field interacting with a perfect fluid is studied, and observable consequences of the covariant variable speed of light (VSL) theory proposed by J. Magueijo are
Relativistic particle as energy source: Optimum speed of the particle for maximum power transfer
  • G V Rangaraj
  • Physics
    2011 1st International Conference on Electrical Energy Systems
  • 2011
Variable speed of light (VSL) is an emerging concept in Physics which states that the speed of light is not conxtant. Using this theory it is shown in our earlier work [1], that relativistic particle
A model-independent test of speed of light variability with cosmological observations
A powerful test of fundamental physics consists on probing the variability of fundamental constants in Nature. Although they have been measured on Earth laboratories and in our Solar neighbourhood
Thermodynamics in variable speed of light theories
The perfect fluid in the context of a covariant variable speed of light theory proposed by J. Magueijo is studied. On the one hand the modified first law of thermodynamics together with a recipe to


c is the speed of light, isn’t it?
Theories for a varying speed of light have been proposed as an alternative way of solving several standard cosmological problems. Recent observational hints that the fine structure constant may have
New varying speed of light theories
We review recent work on the possibility of a varying speed of light (VSL). We start by discussing the physical meaning of a varying-c, dispelling the myth that the constancy of c is a matter of
Variation of the speed of light due to non-minimal coupling between electromagnetism and gravity
We consider an Einstein-Maxwell action modified by the addition of three terms coupling the electromagnetic strength to the curvature tensor. The corresponding generalized Maxwell equations imply a
Geometrodynamics of variable-speed-of-light cosmologies
Variable-speed-of-light (VSL) cosmologies are currently attracting interest as an alternative to inflation. We investigate the fundamental geometrodynamic aspects of VSL cosmologies and provide
Varying-α theories and solutions to the cosmological problems
Abstract If the fine structure constant α = e 2 /(ℏ c ) were to change, then a number of interpretations would be possible, attributing this change either to variations in the electron charge, the
Variable Speed of Light Cosmology : An Alternative to Inflation
It is generally believed that inflationary cosmology explains the isotropy, large scale homogeneity and flatness as well as predicting the deviations from homogeneity of our universe. We show that
A Time varying speed of light as a solution to cosmological puzzles
We consider the cosmological implications of light travelling faster in the early Universe. We propose a prescription for deriving corrections to the cosmological evolution equations while the speed
Flat and curved space-times
Preface to second edition Preface Introduction 1. Space-time diagrams and the foundation of special relativity 2. Fundamentals of measurement 3. Measurements in flat space-time 4. The Lorentz
The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time
The theory of the causal structure of a general space-time is developed, and is used to study black holes and to prove a number of theorems establishing the inevitability of singualarities under certain conditions.
Relativity: The General Theory