Note on the Frequency of Use of the Different Digits in Natural Numbers

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Using Benford's Law to Predict the Risk of Financial Statement Fraud in Equity Crowdfunding Offerings

Purpose – This research will use Benford’s Law to identify high and low fraud risk in equity crowdfunders’ financial statements provided to investors. I also test whether nonconformity to Benford’s

Benford’s law and distribution functions of sequences in (0, 1)

Applying the theory of distribution functions of sequences xn ∈ [0, 1], n = 1, 2, ..., we find a functional equation for distribution functions of a sequence xn and show that the satisfaction of this

The Focus is the Sampling Theory in the Fields of Traditional Accounting Audit and Digital Audit: testing the Newcomb-Benford Law for the first digit of in public accounts

There is a strong sign of overinvoicing and fractioning of expenses to dodge the limit established by Federal Law No. 8666/93, which disciplines acquisitions by bid.

Reliability of COVID-19 data and government policies

We study how available data on COVID-19 cases and deaths in di ff erent countries are reliable. Our analysis is based on a modification of the law of anomalous numbers, the Newcomb-Benford law, applied

Machine learning approaches for localized lockdown during COVID-19: a case study analysis

Different techniques of machine learning, deep learning, data mining and statistics can be used together to produce important results when dealing with pandemic data and offer an alternative to the ineffective measures that have been used.

Do Analysts’ EPS Forecasts Obey Benford’s Law? An Empirical Analysis

Benford’s law gives the expected frequencies of digits in tabulated data. In this study, I investigate the extent to which a sample of analysts’ EPS forecasts obey Benford’s law. I conduct Benford’s

Digit analysis for Covid-19 reported data

The coronavirus which appeared in December 2019 in Wuhan has spread out worldwide and caused the death of more than 280,000 people (as of May, 11 2020). Since February 2020, doubts were raised about

Applying Visual Analytics to Fraud Detection using Benford’s Law

  • Clarence Goh
  • Law
    Journal of Corporate Accounting & Finance
  • 2020
An introduction to Benford’s law is provided and it is highlighted how Tableau, a visual analytics tool, can be used to perform Benford's law's first-digit test to detect potential fraud.

Testing case number of coronavirus disease 2019 in China with Newcomb-Benford law

The coronavirus disease 2019 bursted out about two months ago in Wuhan has caused the death of more than a thousand people China is fighting hard against the epidemics with the helps from all over

Benford’s Law and Stock Market—The Implications for Investors: The Evidence from India Nifty Fifty

Benford’s law which is also known as first digit law states that data follow a certain frequency. This law was applied to accounting by Nigrini (2012, Benford’s Law: Applications for forensic