Note on strong refutation algorithms for random k-SAT formulas

  title={Note on strong refutation algorithms for random k-SAT formulas},
  author={Hi{\^e}p H{\`a}n and Yury Person and Mathias Schacht},
  journal={Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics},
We present a simple strong refutation algorithm for random k-SAT formulas. Our algorithm applies to random k-SAT formulas on n variables with ω(n)n(k+1)/2 clauses for any ω(n) → ∞. In contrast to the earlier results of Coja-Oghlan, Goerdt, and Lanka (for k = 3, 4) and Coja-Oghlan, Cooper, and Frieze (for k ≥ 5), which address the same problem for even sparser formulas our algorithm is more elementary. 

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