Note “Paleocene” or “Palaeocene”

  title={Note “Paleocene” or “Palaeocene”},
  author={T. Christopher R. Pulvertaft},
  journal={Bulletin of the Geological Society of Denmark},
  • T. Pulvertaft
  • Published 20 December 1999
  • Geography, Environmental Science
  • Bulletin of the Geological Society of Denmark
There seems to be some doubt as to which of the spellings “Paleocene” or “Palaeocene” should be used in manuscripts submitted for publication in Europe, while in North America the spelling “Paleocene” is standard. The latter is not surprising, as in North America the prefix paleo- is also used in terms such as Paleozoic, paleomagnetism, etc. In Europe, however, the prefix derived from the Greek palaios (= ancient, old) is generally spelt “palaeo-”, as for example in palaeontology…