Notch2-induced COX-2 expression enhancing gastric cancer progression.

  title={Notch2-induced COX-2 expression enhancing gastric cancer progression.},
  author={Yun-Chien Tseng and Y H Tsai and Min-Jen Tseng and Kai-Wen Hsu and Min-Chieh Yang and Kuo-Hung Huang and Anna Fen-yau Li and Chin-Wen Chi and R H Hsieh and H. L. Ku and T S Yeh},
  journal={Molecular carcinogenesis},
  volume={51 12},
Gastric carcinoma is one of the most common and mortal types of malignancy worldwide. To date, the mechanisms controlling its aggressiveness are not yet fully understood. Notch signal pathway can function as either an oncogene or a tumor suppressor in tumorigenesis. Four members (Notch1-4) of Notch receptors were found in mammals and each exhibits distinct roles in tumor progression. Previous study showed that the activated Notch1 receptor promoted gastric cancer progression through… CONTINUE READING