Notch signaling promotes the corneal epithelium wound healing

  title={Notch signaling promotes the corneal epithelium wound healing},
  author={Huayi Lu and Qingxian Lu and Yajuan Zheng and Qiutang Li},
  booktitle={Molecular vision},
PURPOSE The Notch signaling pathway plays crucial roles in regulation of cell proliferation, differentiation and cell fate decision in multiple tissues and cell types. This study was designed to test the effects of enhanced Notch activity on corneal epithelium homeostasis and wound healing using the transgenic mice that overexpressed an activated Notch1 (NICD) in cornea epithelium. METHODS The studies were performed on R26(fN1-ICD) transgenic mice that carry a NICD cDNA (cDNA) whose… CONTINUE READING