Notch inhibits osteoblast differentiation and causes osteopenia.

  title={Notch inhibits osteoblast differentiation and causes osteopenia.},
  author={Stefano Zanotti and Anna Smerdel-Ramoya and Lisa E Stadmeyer and D. Troy Durant and Freddy Radtke and Ernesto Canalis},
  volume={149 8},
Notch receptors are determinants of cell fate decisions. To define the role of Notch in the adult skeleton, we created transgenic mice overexpressing the Notch intracellular domain (NICD) under the control of the type I collagen promoter. First-generation transgenics were small and osteopenic. Bone histomorphometry revealed that NICD caused a decrease in bone volume, secondary to a reduction in trabecular number; osteoblast and osteoclast number were decreased. Low fertility of founder mice and… CONTINUE READING