Not left to chance: introducing an undergraduate interprofessional education curriculum.


Teaching diverse health profession students to work in teams, communicate, understand each other's roles and responsibilities, and effectively collaborate is imperative for creating a practice-ready workforce. This short report introduces an innovative undergraduate interprofessional curriculum for students enrolled in the baccalaureate majors of applied exercise science, athletic training, dental hygiene, nursing and pre-occupational therapy. The process of designing this program of study, guided by the method of appreciative inquiry, is highlighted. The format and learning activities created for this novel curriculum are described. Congruence for this endeavor is explored through alignment with the recent national Interprofessional Education Collaborative expert panel report. Preparing graduates to fulfill the dual identity of discipline-specific clinician and interprofessional team member is an essential curricular consideration for contemporary health profession education.

DOI: 10.3109/13561820.2012.721815

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@article{Pardue2013NotLT, title={Not left to chance: introducing an undergraduate interprofessional education curriculum.}, author={Karen T Pardue}, journal={Journal of interprofessional care}, year={2013}, volume={27 1}, pages={98-100} }