Not a lycopsid but a cycad-like plant: Iratinia australis gen. nov. et sp. nov. from the Irati Formation, Kungurian of the Paraná Basin, Brazil

  title={Not a lycopsid but a cycad-like plant: Iratinia australis gen. nov. et sp. nov. from the Irati Formation, Kungurian of the Paran{\'a} Basin, Brazil},
  author={R. Spiekermann and Andr{\'e} Jasper and Anelise Marta Siegloch and Margot Guerra-Sommer and Dieter Uhl},
  journal={Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology},
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A new cycad stem from the Cretaceous in Argentina and its phylogenetic relationships with other Cycadales

A new genus of cycad stem, Wintucycas gen. nov., is described on the basis of specimens found in the Allen Formation at the Salitral Ojo de Agua locality, Rio Negro Province, Argentina, supporting the existence of a greater diversity of this group in South America during the Cretaceous.

A new genus of Late Cretaceous cycad stem from Argentina, with reappraisal of known forms

An anatomically preserved mature cycadalean stem from Allen Formation (Late Cretaceous) at the Bajo de Santa Rosa locality, Río Negro Province, Argentina, is described and assigned to Chamberlainia

Paleoecological and Phylogenetic Implications of Saxicaulis meckertii gen. et sp. nov.: A Bennettitalean Stem from the Upper Cretaceous of Western North America

This fossil documents greater structural diversity among Cretaceous bennettitaleans than previously known and tentatively documents an additional growth habit (underground stem).

Two new petrified cycad stems,Brunoa gen. nov. andWorsdellia gen. nov., from the Cretaceous of Patagonia (Bajo de Santa Rosa, Río Negro Province), Argentina

Polyxylic columnar stems covered by persistent leaf bases and found in sediments assignable to the Upper Cretaceous of Bajo de Santa Rosa, Río Negro Province, Argentina, are described as two new

Late Palaeozoic Foliage from China Displays Affinities to Cycadales Rather than to Bennettitales Necessitating a Re-Evaluation of the Palaeozoic Pterophyllum Species

The epidermal anatomy of Pseudoctenis samchokense is described revealing non-bennettitalean characters of these leaves from the Permo-Carboniferous of China (and Korea). The specimens were originally

A structurally preserved cycad-like stem, Lioxylon liaoningense gen. et. sp nov., from the Middle Jurassic in Western Liaoning, China

Abstract A cycad-like fossil stem, Lioxylon liaoningense gen. et sp. nov. is described based on structurally preserved material from the Jurassic in western Liaoning, China. The specimens consist of

Petrified plants from the cretaceous of the Kwanto mountains, central Japan. III. A polyxylic cycadean trunk,Sanchucycas gigantea gen. et sp. nov.

Sanchucycas is most closely comparable with Cycas andEncephalartos among living members of the Cycadales, but is distinct in its large number of xylem cylinders constituting a thick polyxylic wood, and in having mucilage sacs contrary to canals.

Fascisvarioxylon mehtae gen. et sp. nov., a new petrified Cycadean wood from the Rajmahal Hills, Bihar, India

  • K. Jain
  • Environmental Science
    Journal of Palaeosciences
  • 1962
A new petrified stem from the Rajmahal Hills, Bihar, is described and named Fascisvarioxylon mehtae gen. et sp. nov. This wood is compared with the members of the extant family Cycadaceae in having