Not Your Child's Playground: Workplace Bullying Among Community College Faculty

  title={Not Your Child's Playground: Workplace Bullying Among Community College Faculty},
  author={Jaime Lester},
  journal={Community College Journal of Research and Practice},
  pages={444 - 462}
  • Jaime Lester
  • Published 23 March 2009
  • Education
  • Community College Journal of Research and Practice
Community colleges have provided an entree into higher education for many women. Yet, women faculty perceive the overall climate of community colleges as “chilly.” To deconstruct the interpersonal dynamics that may lead to perceptions of a chilly climate, this study examines the prevalence of workplace bullying among and between community college faulty. The purpose is to understand the nature of harassment, the ways in which women define and respond to it, and the importance of contextual… 

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The culture of academe and academics has been characterized as hostile and cruel with campuses described as “rife” with bullying. In this chapter, extant global research on bullying in academe is

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Although much research has been done on workplace aggression and bullying over the past two decades, academics have paid relatively little attention to bullying in their own institutions. In this

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Consequences of workplace bullying with respect to the well-being of its targets and the observers of bullying.

  • M. Vartia
  • Psychology
    Scandinavian journal of work, environment & health
  • 2001
The study shows that not only the targets of bullying, but also bystanders, suffer when someone is bullied in the workplace, and bullying must be regarded as a problem for the entire work unit and not merely as a problems of the target.

Gendered workplace bullying in the restructured UK Civil Service

Surveys have demonstrated that men and women are the victims and perpetrators of workplace bullying. Consequently, most researchers have failed to explore the gender dynamics of this phenomenon.

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The results indicated that aggression and harassment are significant problems in this organizational setting and may significantly impair psychological health and well-being as well as overall job satisfaction when occurring consistently and systematically.

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