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Not Only the Master's Tools: African American Studies in Theory and Practice

  title={Not Only the Master's Tools: African American Studies in Theory and Practice},
  author={Lewis R. Gordon and Jane Anna Gordon},
Introduction Lewis R. Gordon and Jane Anna Gordon Acknowledgments PART I: The Geopoliticality of African-American Epistemic Struggles Chapter 1: African-American Philosophy, Race, and teh Geography of Reason Lewis R. Gordon Chapter 2: Toward a Critique of Continental Reason: Africana Studies and the Decolonization of Imperial Cartographies in the Americas Nelson Maldonado-Torres Chapter 3: The Idea of Post-European Science: An Essay on Phenomenology and Africana Studies Kenneth Danziger Knies… 
The Problem(s) of Theory and Theory Production in Africana Studies
Lewis R. Gordon and Jane Anna Gordon, eds. Not Only the Master's Tools: African-American Studies in Theory and Practice. Boulder: Paradigm Publishers, 2006. xiii + 321 pp. Notes, bibliography, index.
Africana Philosophy as Prolegomenon to Any Future American Philosophy
abstract:The whiteness of American philosophy must be appreciated as an epistemological and ontological achievement. Thus, I contend that the only way forward for American philosophy entails an
On the Historiography of Africana Philosophy: Overcoming Disciplinary Decadence through the Teleological Suspension of Philosophy
This article is a critical philosophical discussion of Lewis Gordon’s An Introduction to Africana Philosophy . Gordon in his text does not portray Africana philosophy as an abstract universalism,
The Derelictical Crisis of African American Philosophy: How African American Philosophy Fails to Contribute to the Study of African-Descended People
Unlike many Black-specific disciplines in the academy (Black psychology, Black history, etc.), Black philosophy never completely forged a unique conceptual framework separate from American and
"I Worship Black Gods": Formation of an African American Lucumi Religious Subjectivity
In 1959, Christopher Oliana and Walter “Serge” King took a historic journey to pre-revolutionary Cuba that would change the religious trajectory of numerous African Americans, particularly in New
Race, Social Struggles and “Human” Rights: Contributions from the Global South
Many contemporary social movements in Latin America base their political projects upon a critique of colonialism or coloniality, and point to the problem of racism that lies at the core of human
The Scholarship of Cedric J. Robinson: Methodological Considerations for Africana Studies
AbstractAfricana Studies has waged a successful battle to extend curriculum models and course offerings to include the experiences of peoples of African descent. Forty years after this battle over
Toward an Indigenist Ecology of Knowledges for Canadian Literary Studies
Critics such as Marie Battiste, Lee Maracle, Sakej Henderson, and Lewis Gordon have called attention to how knowledge was and is a central target of colonial domination, as well as to how the other
The loss of the referent : identity and fragmentation in Richard Wright's fiction
This thesis explores forms of fragmentation that characterize black male subjectivity in Richard Wright’s fiction and considers their relationship to the demise of the social anchors and referents
The Moral Anthropology of Marcus Garvey
This article retrieves and articulates key elements in Marcus Garvey's philosophy that point toward a moral anthropology. The author discusses these in the context of ancient and modern concerns for


. Forthcoming . “ Cosmopolitanism without National Consciousness is not Radical , ” Social Identities .
    “ Creolizing Gilberto Freyre
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