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Traditionally, nostalgia has been conceptualized as a medical disease and a psychiatric disorder. Instead, we argue that nostalgia is a predominantly positive, self-relevant, and social emotion serving key psychological functions. Nostalgic narratives reflect more positive than negative affect, feature the self as the protagonist, and are embedded in a social context. Nostalgia is triggered by dysphoric states such as negative mood and loneliness. Finally, nostalgia generates positive affect… 
Nostalgia reconsidered
Nostalgia plays a significant role in our lives. It acts as a motivator behind many of our life choices, marketing consultants track and provoke it in order to influence consumer behaviour and it
The psychological benefits of music-evoked nostalgia
We provide a narrative review of the nascent literature on the psychological benefits of music-evoked nostalgia. Music is a prevalent and influential source of nostalgia. Music-evoked nostalgia
Sexual Nostalgia as a Response to Unmet Sexual and Relational Needs: The Role of Attachment Avoidance
This research investigates an unexplored response to feeling sexually and relationally unfulfilled: reflecting on positive sexual experiences with past partners (or sexual nostalgia), which suggests people low in attachment avoidance who were single or sexually or relationally dissatisfied reported greater sexual nostalgia.
Nostalgic memories and human rights: Integrating subjective experiences with universal needs
In this comment, I focus on the integration of memories and human rights. The claim for the “self-evident” declares the claim for human rights not only of minorities, or oppressed and forgotten
Nostalgic conversations: The co-production of an intervention package for people living with dementia and their spouse
This co-production of an intervention that sets nostalgic recall into the context of a conversation has clinical potential but requires further investigation through a larger study.
Exploring the emotional experiences of alcohol hangover syndrome in healthy UK-based adults
Abstract Alcohol hangover syndrome (AHS) is a highly heterogenous state encompassing a range of physiological and psychological symptoms. The syndrome is experienced regularly among alcohol consumers
Intergenerational Nostalgic Haunting and Critical Hope: Memories of Loss and Longing in Bonteheuwel
This chapter explores the intergenerational transmission of nostalgic memory in the context of a Cape Town township called Bonteheuwel, haunted by memories of apartheid forced removal and present
Evoking a shared past by enforcing nostalgia? On the role of media in nursing homes
The concept of mediated nostalgia is used to consider how care workers, to the benefit of the well-being of the elderly residents, screen popular comedies to stimulate residents emotionally, to evoke their memories and to create a shared past among them.