Nosocomial infections and obesity in surgical patients.

  title={Nosocomial infections and obesity in surgical patients.},
  author={Zeynep Cant{\"u}rk and Nuh Zafer Cant{\"u}rk and Berrin Çetinarslan and Nihat Zafer Utkan and Ilhan Tarkun},
  journal={Obesity research},
  volume={11 6},
OBJECTIVE There is an increased morbidity and mortality associated with surgery in the obese patient. This study was conducted to determine risk factors and compare the nosocomial infection rate in obese and nonobese surgical patients. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES A total of 395 surgical patients were evaluated. BMI was calculated for each patient. Various conventional risk factors for nosocomial infections were recorded. Biochemical parameters with plasma total cholesterol and high… CONTINUE READING


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