Nosocomial bloodstream infections in ICU and non-ICU patients.

  title={Nosocomial bloodstream infections in ICU and non-ICU patients.},
  author={Vesna {\vS}uljagi{\'c} and Miloje {\vC}obelji{\'c} and Slavenka Jankovi{\'c} and Veljko Mirovi{\'c} and Ljiljana Markovi{\'c}-Deni{\'c} and Predrag S Romi{\'c} and Dragan Miki{\vc}},
  journal={American journal of infection control},
  volume={33 6},
BACKGROUND Nosocomial bloodstream infections (BSI) create a serious health problem in hospitals all over the world. The objectives of our study were to explore putative disease markers and potential risk factors with nosocomial BSI in patients in intensive care units (ICU) and non-ICU patients and to determine risk factors associated with increased 28-day mortality rate in patients with nosocomial BSI acquired in combined medical-surgical ICU. However, the major purposes of this report were to… CONTINUE READING
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