Nosocomial blood-borne infection secondary to intravascular devices.

  title={Nosocomial blood-borne infection secondary to intravascular devices.},
  author={Donald E. Fry and Robert G. Fry and Anthony P Borzotta},
  journal={American journal of surgery},
  volume={167 2},
A total of 143 patients with 159 episodes of intravascular device, blood-borne infection were studied. All infections were confirmed by the same organism being recovered from blood culture and by semiquantitative culture of the catheter tip. Sites of infection included the peripheral venous line (n = 72), central catheter (n = 49), arterial line (n = 18), subclavian dialysis catheter (n = 12), Swan-Ganz catheter (n = 4), Broviac catheter (n = 3), and transvenous pacemaker wires (n = 1… CONTINUE READING