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Northwest Trajectory Analysis Capability: A Platform for Enhancing Computational Biophysics Analysis

  title={Northwest Trajectory Analysis Capability: A Platform for Enhancing Computational Biophysics Analysis},
  author={Elena S. Peterson and Eric G. Stephan and Abigail L. Corrigan and Roberto Dias Lins and Thereza A. Soares and Randall E. Scarberry and Stuart Rose and Leigh Williams and Canhai Lai and Terence Critchlow and Tjerk P. Straatsma},
As computational resources continue to increase, the ability of computational simulations to effectively complement, and in some cases replace, experimentation in scientific exploration also increases. Today, large-scale simulations are recognized as an effective tool for scientific exploration in many disciplines including chemistry and biology. A natural side effect of this trend has been the need for an increasingly complex analytical environment. In this paper, we describe Northwest… 
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